Gold & Wood

One man, one ambition
Captivated by the beauty and feel of fine woods, Maurice Leonard embarked on a fascinating adventure in a small spectacle-making enterprise that at the time had only about ten employees. Starting originally with all-wood or wood and silk, Maurice Leonard set out to make elegant, refined frames for people who appreciate beautiful objects.

Renaissance of a collection
His unique expertise was soon turned to producing exclusive, upmarket eyewear. The factory perfected its technique and improved the style of its collections. The models became more refined and balanced, and were designed to be “Retro” or “Classic”. They now used other materials too. Gold & Wood started making metal fronts, while wood was reserved essentially for temples.

The craze for rimless
The advent of rimless frames on the eyewear market injected the company with enthusiasm for a new direction in style. Gold & Wood followed the trend by offering a “Rimless Fashion” Collection – still with finewood temples. The new models immediately attracted an American and European audience in the market for light, sophisticated frames.

The advent of Buffalo Horn
Our spectacle-makers again demonstrated their talent and expertise in their work with a highly sought-after, yet very fragile material genuine Buffalo Horn. The beauty and mobility of this material give these frames a distinctly upmarket dimension. Connoisseurs immediately appreciate the beautiful workmanship as well as the modularity of the collections, which permit a variety of combinations of fronts and temples.

The Bijoux Collection is born
Luxury, brilliance and supreme refinement describe this exceptional collection. The frames are solid gold, inlaid with gemstones and adorned with inimitable temples. With these frames, Gold & Wood made a return to the true values of luxury and elegance. They have a rare and striking look that quite naturally implies that they are reserved for a select few.

To keep up with demand for Gold & Wood frames, the company is reorganizing. The Design Team is being reinforced, a communication unit has been set up and the sales and marketing department is extending its activities. Creativity and innovation are what drives these teams, ceaselessly seeking and developing new eyewear applications. Titanium has joined the list of materials, carbon fibre is used for decoration, surface coatings are being perfected – and the Bijoux Collection is being reborn with new features.

A brand image takes flight
Today, Gold & Wood is a prosperous enterprise and growing rapidly. It has not only earned its reputation as a luxury brand but more importantly, it has been able to combine two powerful forces – Tradition and Modernism. Two forces that the 32 employees strive every day to preserve and defend ardently as they do the art of “hand crafting”. To further reinforce its position in the world of luxury products, the company is rethinking its logo and asserting its brand image through more distinctive communication.

The year of consecration
Gold Wood won its first Silmo d’Or for “Star”, a model in the sunwear category; this award symbolises the recognition of the entire profession for exceptional savoir-faire. Two further nominations in the same category followed in 2005 and 2006. The sunwear collection was taking shape and becoming synonymous with fashion. A new men’s kit (kit A) was created, considerably enhancing the collection.

Conquest of the US market
A sales bureau was opened in Miami for a more convivial, efficient approach to the American market. Gold & Wood once again demonstrated its capacity to innovate by launching the first side-piece made of a combination of wood and horn. The “Bling Bling” collection was launched, specially designed for the US market. It quickly became a worldwide success. Diamonds know no borders.

Second award for a worldwide expanding Brand
The “Moon” model won a second Silmo d’Or in the sunwear category, rewarding the daily, committed efforts of a team that has grown to 60 people. Gold Wood is today a prosperous, fast-growing brand. Its excellent reputation in luxury eyewear, combined with a continuous determination to innovate, presage a bright future. The markets in China, India and the East European countries are covered by excellent partners to ensure exponential growth for the future.