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Multiple Pair Sale!

Buy one complete pair of glasses (frame and prescription lenses) at regular price, and get 50% off your lenses on your 2nd, 3rd, & 4th pairs! Don’t worry, we won’t stop you if you really need that 5th pair! We also have tons of discounted frames in stock, you’re 2nd pair could be as low as $100.00! Frames starting at just $50.00, so we have something for everyone!

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Essilor Visioffice

Essilor Visioffice

The Visioffice system is an all-encompassing measuring system that allows our highly trained opticians to obtain every possible parameter required for modern lenses – with extreme accuracy.

The worlds first universal 3D measuring system featuring eyecode is a stunning breakthrough. Using the new patented Visioffice technology, eyecode enables us to determine the individual position of each eye’s rotation center with one quick and easy measurement.

This eye data can then be combined with frame and head/eye behaviors data to create truly personalized single vision and Varilux lenses. Eyecode is unique to Visioffice.

The Visioffice system measures the entire range of parameters required for all premium lenses on the market. Providing accurate results – free of the parallax effect and measures within 0.1mm for distance measurements and measures the nearest degree of angles. All measurements are calculated and provided within 20 seconds. By analyzing all angles and distances in real time, Visioffice can identify natural head posture and select the most relevant images for each individual patient.

Along with Visioffice’s key parameter functions we are now able to offer the most advanced, physiologically matched lenses ever made- lenses that are 5 times more optically precise wherever your gaze passes through them.

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